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I've organized my work by subjects and locations. Scroll down to see what I have.


Clifton Mill
Pilot Mountain - Right Face
Cliff and Fall Colors
Hawk's Nest Castle
Hawk's Nest Horseshoe
Fall Down Below
South Dakota
From Michigan to North Carolina
Bridges, Waterfalls, and other stuff
Pebble Beach
Dune path
Jasper Falls Riverbed
Mac Upright
Glade Creek Falls
Port Huron Rail
Under Mac
Mack on the right
Raging water
Balloon Glow
The Blue Water Bridge
Swim Lane
Beaver Creek Bridge
Niagara Falls - January 2018
Niagara - wide - 1Z3A9191
Niagara - up close - Canadian side - 1Z3A9174
Niagara - long exposure edge - 1Z3A9160
Falls and facility - 1Z3A9078
Canadian edge - 1Z3A9196
Journey Behind the Falls - frozen- 1Z3A9097 - square
Journey - 1Z3A9095
Ice covered railing - 1Z3A9107
Icicles - 1Z3A9179
Frozen light - 1Z3A9185
NY Visitor Center - 1Z3A9077
Frozen cliffs - Niagara - 1Z3A9189
Ice covered trees - Niagara Falls NY - 1Z3A9223
NY Cataracts - 1Z3A9205
Icy Cataracts - 1Z3A9081
Cataracts and ice build-up - 1Z3A9076
Rainbow Bridge - 1Z3A9243
Cataracts - 1Z3A9240
Across the falls from Terrapin Pt - 1Z3A9220
Niagara from Terrapin Point - 1Z3A9214
Frozen shore - 1Z3A9121
Ice visitors - 1Z3A9112_1
Frozen crowds - 1Z3A9148_2

Architecture / Interior Design Photography

Manipulations and Oddities
Race to Oz
Sky shipping
Chicago Balloon Fest
Engine troubles
I said, STOP!
Notkalvin's Bridge
Shelf life
Detroit made
Pittsburgh Vision
Abbey Road
Light balloon
Guitar bridge
People & Products
Gears Beards & Beers III
Gears Beards & Beers III
Gears Beards & Beers III
Gears Beards & Beers III
Gears Beards & Beers III
Their future is looking up
Mistletoe Zone
Naughty / Nice
Money time
High school photos
School pictures
High school photos
School pictures
High school photos
School pictures
High school photos
Yearbook portraits
Yearbook portraits
Product photography - Medical device
Product display
Product photography - Mason glasses
Product photography - Golf glove
Product photography - Watch
Professional headshot
Professional headshot
Professional headshot
Food photography
Food photography
Food photography
Food photography
Food photography
Food photography
Food photography
Advertising work
Advertising work
Advertising work
Advertising work

Clicking on one of the images will open a new window and take you to my Flickr account where I post often.

Contact me directly if interested in purchasing anything there.

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Sinking canoes
Raging water
Canaima transportation
Angel Falls and the river below
Angel Falls framed in clouds
Angel Falls
Angel Falls in the evening
Jasper Falls
Small Jasper drop
Jasper Falls - side view
Jasper Falls from the front
Jasper Falls - showing red
Jasper Falls - lower drop
Cliffs on the River Yuruaní
Kama Falls
Meal time
Sylvan Lake
Chevy in the setting sun
Rushmore Profile
Work truck
Ol' Chevy
Needles tunnel
Needles Highway
Beaver Creek Bridge
Dinner mates
New road, old land
Ice Fortress
Grand Haven sunset
Beards of ice
Icy glow - Grand Haven
South Haven
Marking Channels
Sunsetting under the ice
Up close and personal
Top of St. Joseph
Twin towers at Grand Haven
Sunset reflections
Sunset - Grand Haven
Rough passage
McGulpin Point
Point Aux Barques
Fort Gratiot Lighthouse
Mac Duo
Sunset Silhouette
Ice age
Crisp Point Lighthouse
St Joseph North Pier
Lighthouse in Whoville
Ice cold St. Joe
Big Sable
Sand waves at Little Sable
One Woodward
RenCen night
Straight stretch
Brush Park
Night Lights from Detroit
Night game at Comerica Park
Fox Theater
Fire escape art gallery
Michigan to Detroit
Morning laps
Roosevelt Park
Detroit from Roosevelt Park
MCS Pre-dawn
MCS and beyond
Haunted requiem
Book end
Inside Out
Carpe Noctem
MCS sunset
MCS wide sunset
Greek lights
Blue Nights - Detroit
MCS - straight on
Red Square D
Addams in Brush Park
Let Her Shine
Cliff and Fall Forest
Fall down below
Hawk's Nest castle
Clifton Mill
Right face - Pilot Mountain
Hawk's Nest horseshoe
Glade Creek Falls

I do my best to ensure that you receive the highest quality product. My hope is that these prints stay with you for years to come and become valued assets as well as pieces that inspire and arouse the viewer.


Finish – Matte, Glossy, Metallic, Canvas, Aluminum
Size – Just about any size you want.

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